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Kate & Claire // Hillstone, St. Lucia Brisbane Wedding Videographer


Surrounded by Love, Family & Friends - These two beautiful women got to finally make it official! It was such a privilege to capture this couples' special day and be able to put together their film they get to cherish forever. 

As luck would have it, Kate and Claire shared a group of similar friends and both headed to a bar called the 'Lychee Lounge' and upon arrival Kate saw Claire getting out of the car and she said "Who's That?!" and to prove that they were meant for each other they were both wearing denim jackets. 


Travelling back and forth visiting each other between Brisbane & the Gold Coast, they quickly realised that their time was better spent together than travelling.. they now live together in Brisbane. 
The first 'I love you' was in a bakery in Sydney after 3 months of dating during their travels to the Mardi Gras, Kate had booked flights and no accommodation while Claire had booked accommodation but no you can tell they were made for each other! 


After booking a trip to Bali thinking that this would be a great time to propose... Kate decides that it was too long to wait so thus begins the most elaborate plan to propose to beautiful Claire. After a couple of white lies around dinner plans and that they had won free makeup sessions! Turns out they didn't have dinner plans after all.. Kate lied and told Claire that they were going to check out a new restaurant called 'Newstead' instead they were heading to Newstead Park where Kate had booked a rotunda. This is where Kate got down on one knee and asked Claire to marry her!

The fun and bright energy that the couple brought was so nice to be a part of! Even after Kate lost her vail in the wind before walking down the aisle, she shrugs it off with a laugh as nothing was getting in the way of marrying her forever girl! With tear jerking vows and a beautiful, intimate venue their day was not short of laughter and fun from meeting up for a sneaky beer at their local in their wedding dresses to riding around the venue in a golf buggy.. what more could you ask for?! 

"OMG. We both cried!!!
The video is amazing, you and Luke have produced such a beautiful video and included everyone we love."



The wedding toke place on the picturesque grounds of the Hillstone, St. Lucia. Both Kate & Claire's beautiful gowns were from Madi Lane Bridal and their stunning Flowers were from Greenery Blooms & Brisbane Bridal Bouquets. Katie from Embellysh was the photographer on the day and did an amazing job capturing the girls! 

This day was perfect and I was so happy that Blue Vale Films was a part of the day and I hope you love your film! And if you are thinking about getting a videographer for your wedding day, I promise you won't regret it! Please feel free to get in touch if you are after a quote! 





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