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Bec & Louis // The Valley Estate, Gold Coast // Wedding Videographer


 "Bec, I feel like the luckiest man in the world, so asking you to marry me was the easiest decision of my life. Today marks the last day of my life and so begins the first official day of our life"  - Louis


Their day was everything that they hoped it would be. Their story began as a classic office romance, while Bec was on her way to use the printer she caught a glance of Louis in the office kitchen overhearing his charming english accent as he joked with his fellow colleagues. Days later there was a project unbeknownst to Bec that Louis would actually work on, giving them the perfect opportunity to talk.

 Louis would usually dodge work calls until he saw a workcall come through from Bec and Louis knew this call shouldn't be ignored. Finally, meeting in person for the first time at a bar, as Louis 'subtly' bumped into Bec on the dancefloor and they danced the night away together. They spent the following weekends daytripping around Brisbane and later moving to London for a few years from there; the rest is history. 

This couple found it hard to pinpoint a favourite memory that they had shared together although one that did stand out was moving back to Brisbane, Australia in 2019 and becoming pawrents to their beautiful fur baby Jasper. Bec and Louis share their love of travel and food especially when paired with a glass of wine and cozy night in spending time together with their perfect little pooch. 

Louis took the location of his proposal to Bec very seriously although finally set on popping the question in a sentimental and personal place for them both which was in their home - this was the first home that they had purchased together when they moved back to Australia. Louis filled the house with candles, flowers and his favourite photos of the two of them. Although when Bec was asked to wait downstairs and Bec waited patiently downstairs for her surprise all she could think of was that Louis must have brought home the rescue puppy that they had recently had their eye on, although she didn't get the puppy this was much better! 

The Valley Estate has everything you need in a wedding venue, from the beautiful landscape and little hideaway's to the architecturally designed barn that is modern but also timely, which gives you all the perfect combination for the perfect wedding venue. The gorgeous white chapel is the perfect location for an intimate wedding ceremony as you can gaze out through the windows to view what is the prettiest view. 
Bec & Louis had so many friends and family showering them with love on their special day, sharing all the wonderful things this couple have achieved together but also before they met. This couple were truly made for eachother. 
"Despite being from the opposite sides of the earth, from the moment we met you felt like home" - Bec 

Bec looked absolutely stunning in her strapless 'Ella Moda' Wedding gown, with her bridesmaids being a compliment to her with the contrast of black dresses. This day was truly nothing but smiles and love. 
Bec also had a stunning reception wardrobe change into a silky dress which also looked elegant on her, but also allowed her to be able to bust a move on the dance floor with all her loved ones later that night. 

The florals of soft whites and pink flowers propped with baby breath tied in so well with the aesthetic of the chapel. As the double doors opened and Louis saw Bec, I had to glance back to see Louis' face because I don't know how we would have possibly been able to keep it together as there was not a dry eye in sight. The rain couldn't stop this couple from having the best day possible.. if i'm honest I think the white umbrellas made the day even prettier. 

I honestly can't wait to see this couple continue to grow together and one day grow their family.. Those children will be so lucky. We received these sweet words in response to their film and we are so stoked that we were able to put together a film they also loved!

"Wow, thank you so much! Our wedding film is far better than we could have ever imagined and suffice to say the tissue box was on hand! You have captured the day and all the emotions so perfectly, we can’t thank you enough." - Bec & Louis Review 

This Valley Estate wedding was an absolute blast with a dream team of vendors. Tessa Shannon Phot captured every precious moment with her stunning photography. Carly Slade Weddings added a personal touch to the ceremony as the celebrant. The French Petal created breathtaking floral arrangements that added to the ambiance. Leigh McCoy ensured the hair and makeup was flawless, while Ella Moda's dress was the perfect finishing touch. Elevation Live Band kept the guests entertained with their live music. Olivia and Kate Morrow's styling expertise elevated the overall aesthetic of the event, and Hello Little Crumb's cake was a delicious work of art. Each vendor contributed to making the day unforgettable.





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