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Chloe & Cameron // Private Property, Brisbane Wedding Videographer


This stunning Private Property wedding at the base of Mount Cotton in Brisbane, Queensland could not have been any more perfect for this gorgeous couple. To be surrounded by family and friends to express their love for each other. The landscape was stunning with perfect conditions with a backdrop of the lake and big overarching trees. I always get so excited when couples book me with the location being a private property as they are always beautiful, relaxed and fun which perfectly matched this couples' personality! 


Chloe and Cameron had so much love around them on this day and seems all days! This wedding day came with the element of surprise for all guests as they thought they were turning up to the couple's engagement party...SURPRISE they were actually tying the knot! Catching the guests' reactions as they walked in and read the sign 'Surprise! We are getting Married' was the best!  
The couple met playing touch football. Cameron had decided he should play to keep fit while he wasn't playing football for the season and when he turned up to his game, he sees a "cute blonde running around!". Although Cameron became a little concerned when he found out Chloe doesn't have sauce on her tacos after their first date and after not receiving a kiss at the end of the night, he assumed it must have been because she had a dry mouth from not having sauce on her meal. Chloe and Cameron believe that there was no exact moment that they knew they were meant to be, it was all the little moments that did.  

Cameron can make Chloe laugh no matter what while Chloe loves Cameron's dimples and biceps and the fact that Cameron could talk under wet cement!  
Even though Cameron's proposal plans didn't start with sunshine and rainbows as it started with a small argument due to Cameron waking Chloe up at 6.30am..Cameron convinced her out into the living room with a cute sign sitting on the couch as she turned around Cameron was down on one knee with their puppy Axl and a ring!  

This day was perfect and I was so happy that Blue Vale Films was a part of the day and I hope you love your film! And if you are thinking about going for a private property wedding, I know you won't regret it! Please feel free to get in touch if you are after a quote! 

Flowers were supplied by the beautiful Raising Flowers and I had the pleasure of working alongside New Black Studios capturing the photos on the day! Emma's beautiful gown was made by Allure Bridal while the amazing celebrant Steven Fleming had the honour of naming this gorgeous couple husband and wife. Hair was by talented @unveil_bridal_hair, and makeup was by amazing Emma Frances Beauty.





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